Hi, my name is Nirm.

I am a creative and visual designer based in Gatwick.
I design products using a user-centred-design process.

I specialise in user experience, interaction, digital and product design, on projects which include:

Mobile-first responsive websites, customer-facing apps, appointment booking, e-commerce, in-store EPOS, complex back-office systems, reporting solutions, software products, motion graphics, animation, video, touchscreen and hard-interface systems.

With nineteen years experience, I have worked on award-winning digital projects at creative, marketing and UX agencies as well as in-house at EPOS / SAAS software companies.

Experienced in:

And when I'm not designing, I love to draw, illustrate, animate and work on motion graphics.
For the past 23 years I've made a drawing a day, every day.
That is now almost 8,000 individual drawings about the experiences and highlight of every day.

New website in the mixxx.

Please get in touch to see examples, case studies and prototypes.

info [@] nirm.co.uk

visual design : digital : user experience : design sprint : soft / hard interface : UI : UX : CX : HMI : agile : kanban : design sprint : user research : observation: interviews : exercises : workshops: ideation : web : apps : product : software : concepts : prototypes : motion graphics : illustration : art : a drawing a day

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